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Wattsonic Li-LV Battery Series

Your exclusive
energy storage solution,
portable and flexible

--- 2.5kWh/5kWh Wall Mounted LiFePO4 Battery Module ---

---- 2.5kWh Free Stand LiFePO4 Battery Module ---

  • 10000 cycles at 90% DOD
  • 1C/1C continual charge and discharge
  • 10 years standard warranty
  • Superior LiFePO4 safety performance
  • Low voltage safety connection
  • Ip65 protection

2.5kWh/5kWh Wall Mouted

LiFePO4 Battery Module

2.5kWh Free Stand

LiFePO4 Battery Module

Comprehensive Control System Design

While working on battery technology, Wattsonic also puts the most effort into the easiest way to install it and maximize your experience. The comprehensive control system in the design allows you to build your energy storage system effortlessly.

Plug in and play

Wattsonic Li-LV battery series offers an easier way to install, based on Wattsonic standard parallel kits, just plug in and play, the installation is complete.

Maximum 5 modules parallel & Master-Slave Address Auto-set

Wattsonic high voltage battery modules are integrated with slave BMS, keep sensoring the voltage and temperature of each individual cells, and balancing the cells during charge and discharge.

Inverter Protocol Auto-match

When different brands of inverters are connected to the battery, the BMS automatically recognizes the inverter communication protocol and matches it.

Full Protection Design of Battery

In the course of using the battery, the battery will inevitably have a little wear and tear. The design of Wattsonic Li-LV battery protects the battery from all aspects and greatly extends battery life.

Module level auto-balancing

While Charging: Charge the battery to the same level first, then continue to charge uniformly;
while discharging, discharge the battery to the same level and the discharge it together.

Battery Auto-sleep and wake-up upon inverter command

When battery has been long time no charge and discharge or in low voltage protection, the battery will auto-sleep to extend battery life and avoid battery failure due to power loss.

Battery Auto-force charge

[For selected inverter brands] When the SOC of battery is too low or in low voltage protection, battery will auto-force charge to a safe level for a continuable battery life.

Installation Mode

Stackable or free stand, configure it according to your needs.

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