Big House. Big Power.

Pictures of Different Parts

All necessary components included, one man installation, plug in and play.

10KW Hybrid Inveter

6KW/8KW/10KW/12KW, in-house designing and developing with asymmetric output function under zero-injection conditions

Battery Module

76.8V/30AH(2.3KWH), 76.8V/50AH(3.84KWH), Wattsonic superior LFP technology, modular designing, approval maximum 1000V series connection

Master BMS

Wattsonic intelligent high voltage master BMS, with pre-charge, low voltage protection and master/slave address auto-setting functions.


3 Phase Hybrid All-in-one ESS

When the sun is shining, your PV-system usually produces more energy than what can be consumed in your home during the day. If you do not use a power storage unit, the excess electricity is fed into the public grid. At night you need to purchase electricity from your supplier. With an Wattsonic Li-HV storage system, however, you optimise the yield of your solar system for your private consumption. You also gain control of your electricity consumption and save energy, which you can use elsewhere in your home. Besides that, Wattsonic Li-HV storage system can also work as an UPS system for emergency power back-up in the areas suffering terrible frequent grid fail.

Typical Applications

Peak Shifting / Demand Charge Management

Maximum Solar Self-consumption

Smart Micro Grid Solution

Emergency Power Back-up

Multiple Arrangment Possibilities

With battery capacity from 6.9KWH to 20.7KWH by step 2.3KWH, as well as inverter power 6KW/8KW/10KW/12KW, Wattsonic Li-HV storage system offer superior system designing flexibility, together with both wall mounted or stackble installation.

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