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More than capable,
bring power to a new stage.

The new commercial solution offering proven running performance and reliability. Wattsonic can provide comprehensive commercial storage system with superior flexibility as well as quick and easy system commissioning convenience.

Wattsonic Li-HV Commercial Three Phase Hybrid is a compact energy storage solution for commercial or professional use. Packed with inverter, BMS and batteries together to realize an outstanding performance. Up to 50kW capacity will definitely fits your needs. More requests are also customizable.

A well-matched system
no additional devices needed

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  • Master BMS

  • Battery Module

  • Three Phase
    Commercial Hybrid Inverter


Large capacity
together with large flexibility

  • Up to 100% unbalanced load

  • Up to 110% AC output overloading

  • Both on & off-grid ports can be paralleled to support bigger loading.

  • Parallel operation capacity support system size from KW to MW level.

  • Asymmetric output for both on/off-grid loading under zero injection.

Say goodbye to power outage

  • <20ms

    UPS level emergency grid power back-up

  • Up to 60 kVA

    Peak loading capability for 60 seconds at back-up output

  • SPD protection

    BMS SPD integrated for DC surge power protection;

High Campatibility
ensures great flexiblity

Open interface for external control and management, Integrated smart EMS support various power applications.

Master BMS

Combine all advaced features together

Powered by Wattsonic technical team, after multiple tests and projects. The commercial system shows great reliability and safety. BMS open interface for direct connection with fire fighting equipment and control even gives you the option to take security to another level. With automatically slave BMS(BMU) address series setting, plug in and play without any trouble. And thanks to the BMS structure capacitor-free designing, the BMS has 15-20 years' designing life.

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    Full data records up to 100K/frame,cold data<2S, hot data <100mS, command data<10mS. With full& high frequency record, any details will not be missed.

  • b2combineicon2.svg

    Low BMS self-consumption, with running power less than 5W/rack and standby power less than 2mW/rack, Wattsonic cares every detail to save your energy.

  • b2combineicon3.svg

    Master BMS(BCU) integrate back-up power, don't worry about power outage for a long time, the back-up power will be ready anytime, even 20000 hours black startup.



Super power, super safe

Now, free your hands. Based on optimized SOC calculation and reset algorithm, the tolerance will be less than 2%. Together with dual cells voltage sensors channel, 10mA accuracy and 10K sensoring frequency/S, you can easily get full cells monitoring control. Not to mention max. 750mA cells passive balancing(10Ah/day). There are variety control options are available: automatically, manually, local, remote.

Three Phase Commercial Hybrid Inverter

Better than pro


Wattsonic professional three phase commercial hybrid inverter offers incredible power and capacity. With 64G local data storage, you can record full life data. Also, there are multi external communication method are available: Wi-Fi, LAN, GPRS, RS485. Now, you don't have to personnally debug the equipment, remote commissioning or monitoring and firmware update are all optional.

  • IP65protectiondegree-852.svg

    IP65 protection degree

  • Lowoperatingnoise-593.svg

    Low operating noise

  • EasyWIFIconfigurationviaApp-297.svg

    Easy WIFI configuration via App

  • Integrateddiecastingtechnologyforbodydesign-852.svg

    Integrated diecasting technology for body design

  • EasydatacheckviabothOLEDdisplayandApp-489.svg

    Easy data check via both OLED display and App

  • Advancedheatdissipationdesign-403.svg

    Advanced heat dissipation design

Integrated smart EMS support various power applications

Multiple customizable running modes

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  • e.jpg
  • ups.jpg
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  • off.jpg
  • General Mode

  • Peak Load Shifting

  • UPS Mode

  • Economic Mode

  • Off-grid Mode

  • In this working mode, when the power from the PV array is sufficient, PV power will supply the loads, battery, and grid in the order of loads first, battery second, and grid last.

    (You can set the power to the grid to 0W when the local grid doesn’t allow inverter power to feed to the grid).

    When the PV power is insufficient, the battery will discharge to supply loads, and the grid will join in if the battery is not enough to supply loads.

  • Set the maximum power Pmax (kVA) contracted with the grid.

    When the load consumption is less than the Pmax, the PV will charge the battery first, and the grid supplies the load. When the battery is full, PV will supply the load together with the grid, but the battery doesn't.

    When the load consumption exceeds the Pmax, the inverter will take power from the battery and PV to supply power to the load to compensate for the power that exceeds the Pmax.*To realize the “Peak load Shifting” function, the load power that exceeded Pmax has to be within the inverter max output power, otherwise, the inverter will only output the max power which allowed.

  • In this working mode, the inverter will use the power from PV or grid to charge the battery until it is fully charged, and as long as the grid is there, the battery won’t discharge.

    When the grid fails, power from PV and battery will supply loads connected on the back-up side (UPS).

  • In this working mode, you can set charge/dis­charge power and time in the App, inverter will use the power from PV or grid (whether to use can be set in the App) to charge the battery in the predetermined period.Inverter will use power from PV and battery to supply loads in the predetermined period and the insufficient part will be supplied by the grid.

  • In the purely off-grid mode, power from PV will supply the back-up loads first and then charge the battery if there's surplus power.When the power from PV isn’t enough, the battery will discharge to supply back-up loads together with PV.

All in one
plug and play

With packed connecters and cables, Wattsonic prepared all essential products and accessories you may require. No extra preparation works you need to do.


All essential data here

Battery_Nominal Voltage/Capacity per Module


Battery_Expand Capability

String:Max. 1000V[20*3.84kWh],Optional 1500V[34*3.84kWh]

Battery_DOD Recommended


Inverter_Max. Input Power (kW)


Inverter_No. of MPP Trackers


Inverter_Rated Output Power (kW)


    • Battery_Nominal Voltage/Capacity per Module


    • Battery_Expand Capability

      String:Max. 1000V[20*3.84kWh],Optional 1500V[34*3.84kWh]

    • Battery_DOD Recommended


    • Inverter_Max. Input Power (kW)


    • Inverter_No. of MPP Trackers


    • Inverter_Rated Output Power (kW)


Frequently asked questions

  • There is a large power fluctuation on battery charge/discharge.

    Check the following items:

    1.Check if there is a fluctuation on load power;

    2.Check if there is a fluctuation on PV power on Wattsonic Portal.If everything is ok but the problem persists, please contact Wattsonic local technical service center.

  • SOC changed after restart the system.

    When restarting the system, SOC only depends on the battery voltage. After a whole charging and discharging process, SOC will be accurate.

  • The user manual is lost.

    Please go to the download center of Wattsonic official website to download the relevant type of Online user manual. If you can’t download, please contact Wattsonic technical local service center.

  • Some accessories are missing.

    If there are any missing accessories during installation, please check the accessory list to check the missing parts and contact your dealer or Wattsonic local technical service center.

  • The inverter doesn’t work or the screen has no display.

    Please check if there is DC power from PV panels, and make sure the inverter itself or external DC switch is on. If it is the first installation, please check if the "+” and "-" of DC terminals are connected inversely.


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