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May 17th,2023

What brings us to you?

A more inventive and resilient energy future


How to provide you with a simple and reliable power solution for your clean energy needs?Wattsonic Li-HV hybrid AIO Series combines an inverter, BMS and batteries together, making your home energy storage solution in place within 30mins. From 4kW to 20kW full power, with up to 30kWh battery capacity, plug and play, you will always enjoy such a peace of mind.

New Cables Free Design.


It makes the installation procedures as easy as installing AA batteries.

Modular Design.


Free from complicated system designing and commissioning. Just put the battery one by one. The socket position will ensure each battery locates in the right precision. The capable integrated terminal will automatically connect after a ticking sound.

Customizable Running Modes.


We offer various built-in operating modes to address your unique needs, such as maximum PV self-consumption, load shedding, UPS power, economy mode, etc. Cloud based AI system will continuously study the data generated to set up an unique renewable energy production and consumption mode for your house, then it will adjust the system running strategy automatically to satisfy your energy demand more precisely.

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