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May 17th,2023



Feel the charm of the intelligent power tank 

Wattsonic provides you with its expertise in AIO commercial energy storage solutions. The Li-HV Commercial Three-Phase Hybrid is a compact energy storage solution for business or professional applications. It integrates an inverter, BMS, and battery for excellent running performance with plug and play features. A capacity ranging from kilowatts to megawatts can fit your requirements. You will experience a smooth and efficient journey.

Unburdened by complex procedures.


1. Simplified installation

All-in-one: plug and play. With packed connectors and cables, Wattsonic prepares all essential   products and accessories you may require. No further preparation is required.

2. Flexible logistics management 

Support random collection and delivery. Based on superior compatibility, a single rack could match the battery and BMS loading randomly without checking in advance.

High-efficient Operation.


1. One button to switch

Quickly switch from general to UPS or other power modes with one click through the APP.

2. Smart Interaction

The OLED display and APP enable you to check and control from any time or anywhere promptly.

3. Remote monitoring and update for both inverter and BMS

Upgraded Capacity.


1. Sustain larger loads

Both parallel and off-grid ports can be connected in our commercial energy storage systems, offering up to 100% unbalanced load—parallel operation capability from kilowatts to megawatts. Remarkably, the backup output can reach a 60 kVA peak for 60 seconds per unit. 


2. Customizable running modes

We offer various built-in operating modes to address your unique needs, such as maximum PV self-consumption, purely off-grid, load shedding, UPS power mode, etc. Cloud-based AI algorithms will continuously analyse the data provided to develop a more precise and automatic production and consumption pattern for your home.



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