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Jul 10th,2024

Low Voltage Batteries can also be smart and powerful


Wattsonic 5kWh LiFePO4 Li-LV battery series is a prominent choice for storing solar energy, managing peak demand, and providing backup power in various applications. We are dedicated to providing users with a sophisticated and user-friendly solution for energy storage systems.

Module-to-module dynamic active balance 

without sacrificing any tiny battery capacity

In regular parallel battery system, installers are always strugging to balance all the modules manually before connection, while battery manufacturers always put strict warranty limitation for old and new batteries mixture.

Thanks to active balancer as well as smart  algorithm integrated into each module, Wattsonic Li-LV battery could realize quick and high precision module to module active balancing without sacrificing any battery capacity. End-users can always call for capacity extension even 5 years after installation, plug and play.


The expandability of our 5kWh Li-LV battery allows for a versatile and scalable energy solution. With the capability to parallel up to 5 models, the system can achieve a substantial maximum capacity of 25 kWh. Dynamic balancing across modules allows for greater flexibility in meeting the load requirements of different homes.

Max. 1C/1C continual charge & discharge


The capability of 1C/1C ensures fast charging without compromising the longevity of battery modules. It is beneficial for supporting high-power inverters to meet the higher load demands of households. Besides, this attribute enhances the battery module's adaptability and facilitates seamless integration into diverse energy storage systems.

Inverter-wide compatibility & protocol auto-select


a. Thanks to the seamless cooperation with all leading inverter manufacturers globally, the Wattsonic 5kWh Li-LV battery series can seamlessly integrate with various inverter protocols, including but not limited to Victron Energy, GoodWe, Solis, SMA, Studer, Deye etc.

b. The installation is complete without any extra complicated commission&setting efforts after connecting all the physical cables kit pre-made by Wattsonic.

c. System installers never need to be headache of master-slave setting, inverter protocol selection, module to module balancing, all will be processed automatically after switching DC Isolator and pressing "Power ON".

Robust, one-stop monitoring platforms


For WattDesk business users, you can always locate and manage all products including Li-LV batteries at different plants. By providing real-time data on battery performance and status via the WattDesk Cloud, all users can optimize energy usage, track battery performace, firmware update and make informed decisions.


Furthermore, WattDesk offers a "rapid channel" for service complaint within the entire value system. You can always easily '@' all the associated technical engineers, installers, and even manufacturers in their digital service ticket. Ultimately, you will receive a prompt and seamless response to your unique request until a satisfied solution provided.

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