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Jul 09th,2024

Solar Storage into Water - Now on WattMate


Auto capture your surplus solar to heating water

Enhancing solar self-consumption and minimizing grid costs

Wattmate heating driver offers a standalone solution with minimal impact on both expense and installation complexity. This innovative system harnesses photovoltaic energy to efficiently produce hot water.

By automatically routing surplus solar power to an electric water heater equipped with a storage tank, users can immediately enjoy cost savings and, in certain cases, even eliminate their reliance on grid power for an entire year. The Wattmate heating driver is universally compatible, operating seamlessly alongside existing inverters and monitoring systems.


Direct PV input under off-grid running to heating water.


WattMate can support a direct PV input of 120–300V up to 14.5A to heat water under off-grid running. This method of heating water is gaining popularity in off-grid locations where there is no access to electricity from the grid or where the cost of electricity is prohibitive. 

Robust, one-stop monitoring platforms

To help users manage hot water more efficiently, WattMate offers both local monitoring and cloud-based remote monitoring platform.

WattMate.local — Local Monitoring Application

04.jpgThe built-in pages at WattMate.local is ideal for users who prioritize direct with no-delay data monitoring and control of their hot water systems in house without relying on external networks or remote access. Just use your mobile phone or laptop to visit wattmate.local, it offers immediate access to real-time data regarding heating power, water temperature, energy usage, and system performance, all at your fingures, free from complicated configuration and setting. — Cloud-Based Monitoring Application


Protected by strict privacy regulations, WattMate users can login WattDesk to enjoy free and seamless remote access,monitoring, and management of WattMate hot water systems with real-time running status, historical data, firmware update or system setting.


For any service complaint, WattMate users can always set up a ticket easily to request remote diagnose or maintenance service from installers on WattDesk. All the system service logs will be stored on WattDesk during the whole warrany period.

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